I've gotten flowers from here many times and have always gotten rave reviews... Above all else, they are in fact VERY laid back. You need to have an attitude of "go with the flow" and you'll end up with more than you could ever imagine for flowers and arrangements. They did a friend's wedding years ago and the arrangements were stunning and lasted the entire evening into the next day. A little bit of flexibility goes a long way though! Primarily I've purchased flowers to make into my own arrangements for events and I've been amazed how long the blooms held up for and how easy going everyone is at the shop.  - Monica Augustine - Minneapolis, Minnesota

We recently did business with The Flower Guys and it worked out very well, they were competitively priced and had beautiful fresh flowers on the day/time we needed them. I would definitely recommend them! 

We needed 50-plus sunflowers for a cemetery service on a certain day a few weeks ago. We called ahead and The Flower Guys said they would have the flowers for us and quoted us a discounted rate for the volume (which was very competitive). We said we would pick them up on a certain day/time, and sure enough, we came and they had the flowers as planned. In fact, when we came to pick them up, once the gentleman working there heard why we were buying the flowers, he gave us extra at no additional cost. We were very touched and that was very generous. - Ruth O - Minneapolis, Minnesota

The flower arrangements for our wedding a couple weeks ago were over the top! We could not have been happier with the beautiful arrangements of color, artistic design, and fullness. The bride's and bridesmaid bouquets just made our colors pop, and the selection of flowers used, was perfect. Our altar arrangements and table centerpieces were gorgeous, and very reasonably priced. I had considered a DIY option with this wedding, as after 4 weddings I know how crazy expensive the pricing can be. This was a great compromise in getting competitive pricing & fresh beautiful flowers in exchange for some hands-on organizing. It's true when you first walk in to The Flower Guys shop, one is quite skeptical of it's less-than organized environment, and there is no formality in putting an "order" or contract together. But these people know their flowers, have great suggestions, and are fun & colorful to work with. My biggest tip is to organize for them (I put together an order spreadsheet including pictures of colors) and stay in touch. I felt like a pest at times, and they humored me. 

Our flowers were all delivered on time to the right places, and the bouquets arrived in vases of water to stay fresh. It was a nice way to transport them from the Church to the reception too. Jim and Lynn were fun to work with, Pedro actually did much of the arranging/designing (I was told), and if you're lucky, Jim will be strumming his guitar when you visit their shop. - Mary Bates - Minneapolis, Minnesota